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Q: “Are your supplements safe?”
A: Absolutely. The ingredients in the supplements are clinically-proven to imitate the effective properties of steroids without the harmful or negative side effects. Also, only natural compounds go into such products, the same kinds that appear in many common vitamins, herbs, foods, etc. HGH, for instance is commonly found in meats and it taken by more than just bodybuilders for its age-defying characteristics.

Q: “Do I need to make changes to my current lifestyle in taking the supplements?”
A: Yes. Daily habits must be augmented to fit such intense workout sessions, i.e. a diet heavily consistent of the proper fat, protein, and carbohydrates, adequate rest and a positive state of mind. Such will ensure the proper effectiveness of the supplements and that muscles heal correctly in order to be ripped up again.

Q: “How fast will I see results?”
A: All bodies are different and results vary from person to person, but taking the supplements will certainly provide results more rapidly and visibly than regular dieting and exercise alone. 2-3 weeks is a good time table to notice the benefits.

Q: “Will I lose muscle mass if I stop taking the supplements completely?”

A: It should be anticipated that any diminished input should result in an output that isn’t as strong. Completely abandoning a regular habit of supplement-aided workout routines will certainly mean less vigorous workouts and some loss in added muscle. A physically fit body must be maintained and it can retain its peak level of fitness or very close to.

Q: “Do you ship discreetly?”
A: We ship all orders in standard USPS or UPS packaging with no detailed information regarding the contents or the website.

Q: “Are your products legal?”
A: Our products are legal in the United States and in most countries. We cannot confirm all countries due to the ever changing laws and different restrictions. If your package is seized at customs we will refund the cost of the product when they return it.


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